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CRIMP A/S is a trading and production company in the HUBER+SUHNER Group. HUBER+SUHNER AG (Switzerland) is an international leader in the supply of innovative telecommunications components and systems and of technically sophisticated polymer systems. Its core competencies include radio frequency and fiberoptic technology as well as compounding and upgrading of polymeric engineering materials for special cables and cable systems. In addition, the Group is active in the fields of sealing systems, rollers and special components and systems.

CRIMP A/S employing around 100 people in Denmark has specialised in four business areas: RF/Microwave, Fiberoptics, Interconnect and Wireless. The activities include development, assembly and sale of electronic, fiberoptic and wireless solutions for telecommunication and industry. Additionally, CRIMP A/S offers a wide range of components for the electronics industry.

Bjarkesvej 2
DK-3450 Allerød
Phone number:
+45 48 10 05 00
Fax number:
+45 48 10 05 55
Helle Brandt Rejndrup
CRIMP A/S is represented in the following trades:
Cable installation
Customer packing
Electrical testing
Heat stamping
ISO certified
Make up
Camera cables
Coaxial cables
Copper patch cables
Data cables
Drill hole cables
Ethernet cable system
Fibre cables
Fibre patch cables
Fireproof cables
Flat cables
Flexible cables
Harmonised cables
IBM Cabling System
Installation cables
Instrument cables
Multi purpose cables
Network cables
Optical-fibre cables
Rubber cables
Signal cables
Silicone cables
Special cables
Telephone cables
Video cables
Electronics components
RF Products
Industrial electronics
Hardware development
ISO certified
RF Solutions
Special solutions

CRIMP’s RF/Microwave workshop assembles coaxial cables such as semi-rigid and SUCOFORM cables. Likewise, its Wireless workshop carry out jumper cable and microwave link cable assemblies for mobile antenna systems.


CRIMP’s Fiberoptic workshop assembles high quality Multimode and Singlemode fiberoptics such as patch cables and patch boxes as well as plug-and-play Masterline® cables.


CRIMP’s Interconnect workshop carries out multipin connector assemblies, including military connectors, for low frequencies and mixed signal types.